Striped Lace Look Nail Art

These nails would look great with a red or blue base as well. You can always use a liner paintbrush for the fine detailing!

Video by: Meliney
YouTube Channel: Meliney

Homemade Clip-in Extensions

Some of us can't dye our hair fun colors, or just don't want to make a commitment like that. I'd love to have blue streaks in my hair, but only sometimes. I plan to use this tutorial to create clip in highlights!

Video by: Windada
YouTube Channel: Windada

Newsprint Nails

This finger nail tutorial results in a subtle, shabby look that's sure to be a conversation piece.

Video by: Cutepolish
YouTube Channel: Cutepolish

Spiked Heels

These spiked heels are sexy, and affordable to make. An easy project to complete in no time at all. The studs used in this video were purchased from and the adhesive she's using is Loctite Super Glue.

Video by: BeeisforBeauty
YouTube Channel: BeeisforBeauty